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Comfort Plus Hospice Team ApproachThe Comfort Plus Hospice Team Approach
Your Comfort Plus Hospice Team consists of highly specialized healthcare professionals that compassionately work together to provide patients and their families with holistic choices and dignity. Each specialized team may be comprised of:

A Medical Director
Oversees the medical component of the program and is available for consultation with the patient’s attending physician as needed.

A Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Nurse
Make regular visits to provide consultation in pain and symptom management and to help the patient and family to understand the illness.

A Certified Nursing Assistant
Visits regularly to assist with personal care.

A Social Worker
Visits, as needed, to provide psychological, emotional
and social support.

Comfort Plus Hospice CareA Chaplain
Available to provide spiritual support if desired by the patient
and the family.

A Specially Trained Volunteer
Available in most instances for companionship
and support.

Other Specialsts
Other specialist such as physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists are available when the need arises to assist care givers and family members in better understanding the patient’s special requirements.

24-Hour On-Call Service Available
Hospice care is available on-call after the administrative office has closed, 7-days a week 24-hours a day. Our on-call staff will assess your needs and ensure you are provided needed care.